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From 1 May 2014, jogscotland is moving to a simpler, two-tier membership system. The current Bronze, Silver and Gold levels of membership will be replaced by Free and Full membership. What won’t change are the hundreds of sociable, supportive jog groups around the country, helping thousands of people to enjoy being active!
Nothing! We will contact you in due course if anything to do with your membership needs to change or be updated. But if you’d like to know more, read on….

Free membership will remain essentially the same as our current Bronze membership. Free members will still receive a logbook, four free copies of Stride magazine mailed to their address and the ability to join in sessions with local jogscotland groups. After your first year is up, you will have the option to pay a small annual subscription to continue to receive hard copies of Stride; otherwise you will receive the digital version of the magazine after you have renewed your free membership at the end of the first year.

The great news is that Full membership, at £18, will be much cheaper than its predecessor, Gold membership (which was £27). The package no longer includes a T-shirt, but we knew that offering a T-shirt every single year with membership renewal meant that many of our most loyal Gold members were groaning under the weight of their collection of identical jogscotland T-shirts! Don’t forget you can now buy a whole range of jogscotland kit from Run 4 It whenever you want it – CLICK HERE for details.

In addition to all the benefits of free membership, Full members will also receive membership of scottishathletics, discounted race entries at scottishathletics permitted events, and the option to receive hard copies of either Stride magazine, or PB, the official magazine of scottishathletics.

See below for a full summary table of what’s included in each type of membership.

The other major change is that from 1 May we will require all members to renew their membership annually – even those with free membership. This will ensure we have up-to-date details for you and will also make sure we know how many active jogscotland members there are.

We will contact you whenever your membership is due for renewal, reminding you the details of the new membership benefits, and you can choose then which type of membership you would like to take up. We will also contact you every year after that, asking you to check your details and confirm that you are still an active jogscotland member. You can, of course, change your membership type at renewal time if you wish. The new membership scheme will be run directly from our office in Edinburgh. If you have any queries, email membership development officer Jo Skead on

Existing Gold members who renewed their membership between the One Big Weekend events in August last year and 1 May this year will still be able to claim their free entry in an event in this year’s jogscotland Challenge Series 2014 – just email for details. If you are a Gold member whose membership expires before May, and would like to take advantage of this, please make sure you have renewed your Gold membership by 30 April. Gold memberships will no longer be available after that date.


Able to participate in jogscotland group sessions
Free copy of jogscotland logbook
Subscription to hard copies of Stride magazine for one year, with option to pay a subscription annually thereafter or receive electronic version
10 per cent member discount at our sponsor, Run4It
Full – £18 per year
Able to participate in jogscotland group sessions
Free copy of jogscotland logbook
10 per cent member discount at our sponsor, Run4It
Full membership of scottishathletics
Discounted race entries at scottishathletics permitted events
Option to receive hard copies of either Stride or PB magazine (or both, for a small additonal subscription)
Jog Leader (open to qualified Jog Leaders only) – free of charge
Able to participate in or lead jogscotland sessions
Subscription to hard copies of Stride magazine for one year (Continuation requires you to renew your free membership annually, updating your details)
10 per cent member discount at our sponsor, Run4It, plus special Jog Leader-only offers


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